Done with Ranked

I’m an American on the west coast and I get connected to foreign servers for probably 40% of the Ranked games I play. I’m in Onyx and win probably 80%-90% of my games. I hate playing on any server outside the US, so all I want is to block everything that would be more than 90ms (East US) ping and never play on any foreign server again. When I play on West US servers I average 7ms-11ms ping. I’m tired of getting servers that are 220ms ping in Australia or 240ms ping in Japan and whatnot, clearly those are terrible servers for me so it makes sense I wouldn’t want to play on them.

The way I see it, being in the US that’s where most of players are anyway so I should be able to turn off whatever servers I don’t like if I so choose to do so. Being in a foreign country outside the US you should have the option to do the same, however you might want to consider which server to turn off more than someone like me based on your location.

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There should definitely be no penalty for matches with a DC and a rejoin option

Not everybody has the same challenges. I didn’t have ranked challenges this week, but half my challenges were BTB (i don’t think i have to explain the problem with that?) and my friend had/has (don’t know if he finished them) half of his challenges forcing him to play FFA, wich he aboslutely hates… It almost seem like you get a lot of challenges of the same type (BTB-related, ranked-related, FFA-related, swat-related, etc.)

Clustering those challenges together is the most annoying ever, because if you just completed a complete 2 matches-challenge, you get a complete 4 matches after that, it is getting realy repetative and boring.

I am also absolutely not a fan of forcing people to play a specific gametype. People who don’t like those gametypes will only try to get the challenges done as quick as possible withut seriously playing. I can’t believe 343 didn’t think of that? Ranked, FFA and tac slayer/swat are probably the gametypes a lot of non-die hard players absolutely don’t like, so why even put those in the challenges? It only ruins it for everybody, since those players will just try to complete that challenges as quick as possible so they can get out of that gametype. This will only result in the serious players getting frustrated, because they encouter people who throw away matches (if they need to complete a match), only go for kills in ranked oddball/CTF/strongholds (if they need to get kills) or leave (if they need a win and they are on the losing side). Those challenges hurt everybody in my opinion.

I was at my friends earlier today and he was literaly just running towards the leader in his FFA match and giving him kills, so the match ended as quick as possible, because he wanted out of there, but needed that challenge done (he needed to complete a match)… Not good of him, but i can understand him though, since he didn’t have a swap, he realy hates that gametype and he still had to play a lot of matches in that gametype to go for upcoming challenges. It’s the negative side of bad challenge-design.

Your comment is spot on. While i agree I only lost 3 CSR “Then” its other times has been really bad where I think it was last week at some point I lost 11 in one match. So after 3 matches what did I gain 3-4? and then 1 loss because of DC/Leavers and I lose 3. So if every game is 10 min. Thats 30min of progress. Just scale that way up for every single player and it can get horribly messed up.

I just loved halo 5 ranked so much and to see issues like this and so many people just hurts. Its just so consistent every urge I have to go back on and enjoy it. I fear to be put on a USA server and then play horribly because of it. Then lose 5-10 CSR that match. Go back on aussie servers for 5 matches win them all. Get that 10 back just. Through thick and thin. Then bam AFK player or DC or whatever. It isn’t a cycle of getting better. Its just hope everything goes right and if you play well then you are rewarded.

Like to be honest my favourite Ranked mode isn’t even in the rotation currently. I played 100s of Ranked SWAT in halo 5. If you were to look at my waypoint stats my countless hours in that game were so heavily skewed in that one single playlist. And that isn’t here so I’m already at a compromising state.

Man its just rough. Because 343 have done so well for everything else that is here.

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The csr gains and losses being modified would be better. I’ve said it a few times in other threads in the past. Something like…

-warning, rank difference between team mates is too large. Csr gain will be (enter a respectable % of normal gains that makes sense here) but losses will remain unchanged.

So they enter matches knowing that they will not gain as much csr, but losses will still be the same. I say this because man…I can play with a few players in my skill tier and we face players above us. We win sometimes. We lose sometimes. To me it’s a suggestion that we play at a higher skill level than we’re in, but just don’t get enough consecutive wins to get there. Meanwhile someone is playing with lower tier players ranking up in easier matches. It sucks seeing that. I invite that player ahead of us to play with us and they crap the bed 2 games in a row before saying “I’m going to take a break bro” because they’re terrified of deranking. Back they go to playing with their friends to find easier matches and rank up while already in onyx…when in my lobby they kept having the worse stats with 3 team mates who aren’t onyx. Makes 0 sense.

I’m not at all saying they shouldn’t play with their friends buts it’s like I literally get avoided because their matches with me are more difficult, when they’re actually ahead of me in rank but can’t do well in a lobby with me. I dont discriminate against anyone who would like to join me, but I definitely feel that some people are discouraged to play with others. It’s not even that they’re afraid that the team mates won’t perform at times. It’s more like they just anticipate much more difficult matches from having experienced them already so they don’t join. More worried about rank and kd than just playing the game to play with friends.

Why is there no reconnect button to rejoin a ranked game? Also people who leave should not be able to join another game.

343 temporarily bans quitters, I know because I was match hopping trying to get a CTF game for the capstone, which I still haven’t gotten. its a bit hypocritical at this point where I shouldn’t be held responsible for my broken challenge streak. Its bad enough having to win ONE ranked CTF game, but THREE. 343 probably has a degree from the clown college, no offense. BUT IF PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO PLAY RANKED DO NOT FORCE THEM TO PLAY RANKED!