Done with Ranked

I played 4 back to back games of ranked trying to get up CSR. 3 wins in a row. One where I did really well against some Onxy players where I had a 1.6KD and 1min 13 on the ball. Next game I play back on USA servers as an aussie. Already annoyed. Then after the first round. 2 players leave. 15 seconds later. Another player leaves. Which now just leaves me. 1v4. I just let them capture the points and -Yoink!- with them because I’m not going to beat a 1v4. And lose literally all my progress from today’s 3 back to back wins.

Its the same thing over and over again. Play really well and win 80% of matches. Be put on overseas servers. Have people leave or be afk. Lose 20-30 CSR over the course of a few matches and then I’m back 10+ hours worth of work. Not due to my actual skill or fault. Please just make this a top priority when you get back to the office from your break. Ranked is just unplayable currently with this system.


People leaving is a major issue. Some of it is crashing but most of it is people who just suck and end up quitting because their getting pooped on.

I’ve recommended in the past and have seen many others recommended the same but if a person leaves the game or disconnects that match should not count period. It shouldn’t count as a loss, shouldn’t count towards KD, and shouldn’t count towards win/loss ratio.

It’d also be nice to have a vote system to end the match then and there. Though it could get annoying constantly ending matches after someone leaves. But it’s an idea worth trying.


Plus we need some damn MMR restriction. No reason why Onyx players should have plats on their team to boost them. Or an onyx team vs a plat team.

Another draw back to boosters is this… you can have 2-3 onyx on the enemy team, but if they get a plat guess what happens? 1.) you win and barely go up. 2.) You lose and your progress bar goes down half way.

Love it.

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I played a match a little while ago where my ping literally was in the 1000s. Red words were next to it, saying it’s high, warning, unstable. Ended up winning the match still, but i have no idea why I’m even on that server. Everyone on my side of the lobby was in the US. No idea where the other players were from. Had a bunch of 3v4s today…I love halo but sometimes Its difficult to enjoy the game with this stuff going on.

I hate how I am reading so many others in my position. It really just sucks to see. Because with a proper CSR or MRR type system along with the usual balancing and server improvements I literally wouldn’t need another game. This will eventually have every single need I could ever want. But holy crap this just hurts to play. Double melees on even local servers not working. Melees from behind not working.

And like what the others said above. Platinum players solo queuing should NEVER be put into a lobby of 1600+ Onxy players. I played a match recently where it was 3v4 onxy but the enemy team had a plat 1 player. I felt bloody horrible for them. If he was on my team I would even be mad that he couldn’t get above 4 kills. He probably didn’t expect to be shoved into such a hard game without any comms.

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I’m done with ranked too, matches are always unbalanced from my point of view, and I end up losing the vast majority of the time


The idea that I can have 10+ games where I play amazing and then in 2 matches were it puts me overseas I lose all my progress that I made in a week. Just whats even the point any more till they update it


There is a way to disable any server, it works. Glad to help

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We’ll that idea would restrict your ability to play with friends at that point. I agree you should earn more for winning but it does make since to not get a lot after winning a game against plats. The only reason onyx players even show up in a plat lobby is because their playing with a friend within that rank scale.

I am all for people playing with each other… but ranked should be a stricter grindset.

If they want to play together they need to go to social if there is a giant skillgap… or start off the season together.

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I disagree. I have friends who should have placed diamond based off their skill level but places in gold or plat because of server issues or team mates leaving mid match. This would just limit who you can and cannot play with.

This. I can grind for hours and move up one level, then I happen to have a couple of bad games or ones where I play mostly objective and I’m heavily punished and lose all that progress and THEN some. I don’t get it. There was a game last night I played where I had a pretty good KDA, that was because mid game I realized no way we’d win (awesome how this game punishes obj players lmao) so I focused on slays to minimize the loss of rank dmg, then what do ya know? I drop like 90% of my bar. Screw this man.


yeah, in one game of ranked i had half my team leave, have an aimbot used against me, and suffered from bad enemy player collision as well as broken melee. 343 really needs to fix the game and add an anti-cheat.

I have only seen 1 hacker so far, and the dude was shooting us through walls sitting at his spawn. lmao

Besides desync and hit reg, really… the servers are BAD. REAL BAD. I have 32ms but acts like its 150ms.

It’s unplayable, especially ranked because we can’t even get our proper ranks without all this dumb bs happening. inconsistent and just plain infuriating. I play to have fun, do good and see how far I can go. Can’t do it here.

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Im sick and tired of trying to play with friends and the fireteam keeps getting kicked and and now got banned from ranked! so freaking lame!

I like the way that Overwatch does it where people can’t queue for ranked together if their rank gap is larger than a certain amount.

In Social, it doesn’t matter. But ranked should be tightened down.

Aside from the terrible ranking system and glitches, this is the most unforgiving halo that there has been. The avg player will just quit and move on to something else. Only the dedicated halo fans will stick around.

I’m not that great of a player but dear God when I do actually play decent it sucks even more knowing that the back melee I did wasn’t even registered. So I have to try to do it again.

I mean for a great player it sucks but usually that level of skill makes up for it. But man imagine being me a guy who plays a few hours a week. And on a good server can be outmatched… Now add this extra layer of stuff happening it usually has me just wanting to quit that round in hopes of getting a lower ping match

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What really messed it up was that week where almost half of the weekly challenges were ranked. So it pushed players who usually don’t want rank into ranked. So they could progress through the weekly challenge system.

I strictly stay away from ranked and favor Team Slayer BTB( broken at the moment) and Fiesta. But I wanted to progress so had to play ranked. And boy was it annoying.

And I honestly feel like 343 is going to do it again. They want to keep ranked at a specific player population so they will artificially fill it by linking the challenge system heavily towards ranked.

Iv noticed they have been doing such things with that challenge system.

It’s crazy but progression in this game is tied to the challenge system which they will use to push players where they want them to go, be it to a certain playlist or the store for more swaps…

Im stating to catch on to their games

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You lost 3 CSR in the game with the DC’s/Leavers. While I think it is not great to lose that rank when your team leaves that is not really an undoing. Looking at the 3 games before the loss I agree that you should have received a more CSR given that in the 2nd game the other team greatly outranked your team and you guys won by a large margin.

Overall I think ranked is really screwed up because the distribution slants toward plat being the median when it really should be gold. Everyone is about 1 league higher than they should be IMO and I am not sure if that is causing problems or not.

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