Don’t watch Gameinformer Video!

Not planning to, I want to experience the campaign with no expectations of what I should find in there aside from the little bits the trailers have shown us. Best way to really experience a new game.

I unfortunately watched it and turned it off at that point, So annoying, I mean yeah it’s pretty obvious from all the previous trailers, wake up, go to ship or something and then down to zeta halo, but so didn’t want to know more than that, or how it starts etc, game informer royally messed up and spoiled a question that was better as theories before launch

Are you just having a hard time deciding to play or skip the Campaign? I did my best to avoid spoilers myself so I don’t know what problems are present, or what yours are. I’m also playing off of Game Pass so it doesn’t hurt for me to give it a chance.

The Xperia breakdown didn’t really spoil anything other than show some “new” enemies and what certain aspects of the game look like.
No story spoilers or anything. So I’d recommend watching that if you still crave some footage and details. ( I know I did )


Yeah I think I’m going to stick to his content from here on

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In what way? (Without spoiling) I’m overweighing if I should watch it or not.


Don’t unless you want the whole first few “level” story beats skipped. including what happened.

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Spoiler free? IGN overall is pretty meh, but I do generally like the Podcast Unlocked crew. I was pretty disappointed when Miranda let the lines about whether or not she’d seen Flood or Prometheans. I would have been happy to not know either way.

I get that technically it’s only the first couple hours IGN played and she may not have actually spoiled anything. But still…

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For me… the IGN was the right balance. Haven’t seen the full GI vid yet but may well dodge it then.

It’s good to see the engagement though. I’m all about the story

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Roger that, Captain.

Yeah, no joke. Once a spoiler happens soon after the floodgates open for more to flood the internet.

Halo fans defending IGN the guys who hated on Microsoft Xbox and jump for joy for all thing Sony?

Thank you for letting us know! :v:

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They say what happens at the start of the campaign major plot point then I shut it off


Ya it was a rare moment of ign being the most professional outlet wasn’t it?
I’m pretty disappointed in whoever wrote and edited the game informer stuff thats was a major spoiler I was so annoyed. Toas tweet was a surprising lack of judgement also.
Like damn guys didn’t need to tell me that less than 30 days from launch wtf?


I watched it and nothing really stood out story wise, at least nothing that we didnt already know. What was spoiled?

People talk about the Info on the Intro cutscene. That’s it. The, as they said, first 30 seconds and the Setting we get for the Halo Universe from that point forward, as consequence of what happens.

I thought there was one very obvious unnecessary spoiler for sure.

I still don’t know what you are referring too, but i guess they have to share some details of the story to give us some context. This is normal with every medium.

Thanks for the heads up!
IGN spoiled something too that I personally think is a large spoiler early game.

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