Don’t understand the point of armor cores

I’d really like to use some of the armor I’ve unlocked on the battle pass on the mark V but can’t because it’s locked to only mark VII. Really makes it feel like there isn’t much customization when you are locked to only using one armor core. Same thing goes for the armor coatings as well. There is literally no reason for this


Microtransactions are the entire reason Armor cores exist. It’s not to enhance the customization, it’s to limit it and make you spend more money.


Would of rather had paid for the multiplayer then have this -Yoink!- in the game


Seperate armour cores with core-specific armour, shouldn’t have even entered the conversation until late 2022. This level of segregation is baffling considering we’re not even at official launch yet.

Given the armours themselves are barely any different, the only reason I can think they did this is for a predatory/monetisation reason.

And I’ve seen some people defend this saying it’s more ‘lore accurate’ because different Marks shouldn’t/wouldn’t be interchangeable.
To this people, go have a look at the armour effects at the end of the battle pass, and tell me more about what’s lore accurate.

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It’s like Rubik’s cube your customization. I hate it

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Especially because I guarantee every season and event will have its own separate armor core that locks you in if you want to use those specific armor pieces