Dominion Turrets Overpowered or Underpowered?

Do you think turrets are overpowered or underpowered? Personally I think they’re underpowered in what they’re suppose to do.

But what does the community think?

I think the damage is fine, but they definitely take way too long to lock onto something and fire at it.

Not to mention that there isn’t much of a range to them to actually start firing.

I think they are pretty good… they are ment as a secondary fire… they are not going to hold a base on their own… If you are shooting with one on an incoming enemy they are gonna get wreaked! haha… I think you’d buff them they would be way to strong. Plus, they are not too hard to take out, good laser shot or take some time with a DMR or BR gets rid of them.

I think they’re just fine. They’re helpful, but aren’t likely to actually get a kill.

I guess, but I don’t really recall ever seeing anyone ever dying to one though. I don’t know, maybe because I usually see them get wrecked effortlessly by someone who has a power weapon or a heavy vehicle or is outside of its range of fire. Honestly, they’re not much of a threat. Especially in Exile.

A tad underpowered. Wouldn’t mind seeing an increase in effective range.

They’re absolutely worthless alone, but with another defender they can be fatal.

I think they’re perfect. They can’t very well kill anything on their own, but that’s the point. You should never have a base well defended when no player is around.

How powerful they are depends on how they’ve been placed on the map – what their line of sight is, and how much cover is in that line of sight.

That said, the point is moot when Dominion gives everyone a Rocket Launcher and a half. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s perfect. The secondary fire occupies vehicles for alittle. It helps.

I think they are fine.

They are enough to bother attackers and alert defenders but not so much that they become the defenders.

I just wish that the plasma charge would be shot faster so vehicles can’t just zoom by a base and expect little to no trouble.

They are fine. They serve as a distraction and EMP vehicles to slow them down so someone can jack them.

The turrets are fine, I’ve seen them kill before just with a little help from me or my teammates.

I think are fine as others have said. They are pretty damn annoying. If you take to long to get to cover, it will take done much of you shields. I don’t recall ever being killed by the turret alone. They do a good job. People should start putting them up more.

They’re fine, they’re meant to supress the enemy and just do enough damage ward off invading players, if it kills you, you probably deserve it. The random EMP bursts however…

They need to be upgraded in some way.

I think they could use a small range boost. Also, I think they should add three more types of turret:

Forunner: Like the forerunner turrets in SPOPS and campaign, but blue or red depending on team, and shots kill (after all, it takes a long time to charge).

Forunner, Powerful: Shoots incineration cannon shots after the charge. 4 sec cooldown.

Covenant: Shoots concussion rifle shots at Phantom rate.