Dominion strategies?

Can you guys share your strategies for Dominion? I always have trouble with deciding if i should rush around to all the bases or just camp a base. I hate being a camper but it seems to be the best strategy so far.

The point is to defend the bases you have captured, so I think camping is a viable option.

Dominion requires good teamwork, and great communication. I find it best to have three people at two bases, if you’re holding the other team off fairly well, you can push up and cap the other base, then pick the stragglers off.

Repair turrets as much as you can. You can rack up lots of points doing that. I usually run a Plasma Pistol in Dominion in order to stall vehicles and jack them. Try to defend your base until it is fortified, so you can acquire vehicles and there are shields to protect the entrances.

Pay attention to the base symbols on the HUD, especially when fortifying and capturing. If they randomly stop, that means an enemy is de-capping/capping. Also try to cap bases without destroying all the fortifications so you can have a few shields and turrets up when capped.

The strategy it’s easy. To win you need to keep 2 bases. One player goes to the closest base (that usually doesn’t get attacked at the beginning) and the rest goes for the middle base where some enemies will be too. As you get both them, defend untill you win.
DO NOT ATTACK THE LAST BASE if you are not able to keep defended the other ones. Getting the third makes you only able to win faster when your team is very good. If not, you will just keep getting a base and losing another, risking to get beated.

Don’t bother going for three bases. Your team will be overstretched, and if you do manage it, the enemy team goes into the Last Stand mode and they’ll just take a base back anyways.

Split your team between capping your own base and the middle base at the start of the game. I’ve been in games where everyone on the team went for the spawn base and left B open, and one where the entire team went to B and one guy from the enemy team was able to cap our spawn base.

There’s not really any general “strategies” beyond that, to be honest, save whatever tricks and plans people come up with for certain situations

Take all three bases and kill them in last stand. Only way to be sure.

Actually, just holding two bases is the best strategy. Bases get resupply so ammo and weapons is never really a problem. Keep two bases fully upgraded and make good use of Vehicle pads.

Which bases to use is also part of the strategy. Leave half your team behind at your base and keep it secured, then have the rest of your team push for Either Center base or Enemy Base. Enemy base push always puts them off guard but only on Longbow, as generally the enemies will be pushing for central base.

Longbow is the only map I would suggest using this strategy for as the back of the map (which connects the two bases) is rarely used right off the bat, go behind the rock seperating the base, sneak in through the back and side and steal the base. The enemies wont spawn there if you guys are already capturing the base. Keep the enemy team pinned in central base and keep their defenses down.

Dont worry about last stand. Its just a bonus that you should only worry about getting if the enemy team is doing really badly.