Dominion spawns are terrible.

Dominion consistently spawns players in terrible places. Just played a game on Exile where I was killed by a wraith then instantly spawned in front of said wraith for another death. We owned two bases yet the game felt it necessary to spawn me a few feet where I violently expired. This happened a few times that round to me and my friends. We ended up losing because our last 4 deaths were all to this one wraith spawning killing us, we couldn’t push to a base and we couldn’t grab any power weapons to stop it. When I finally hit it with an overcharge the guys just got out, killed me, and then got back in.

I understand the game is new and just released a week ago but these issues make me want to stop playing war games.

The games spawns in general aren’t very good.

I made a custom game for domion and I need to fix the spawns so the bases aren’t next to the spawn.