Dominion players

Need some players for dominion, as long as you know how to shoot and capture and have a positive k/d & w/l then add me, two of us already both 130, on very regular

I can help if you need good Dominion players. I can hold down Bravo like a champ with hologram, resupply, and headshots. I never worry about k/d but I always come up positive.

Just invite me and I’ll assume you want to play Dominion all night.

I’m interrested, I have a positive kd and wl, but I’m only a 105 though.

Was in your party yesterday, thanks to your invite. Broken my mic which will restrict performance, however I doubt many of our opponents will be doing any better. I’ve got a 2.72 KD and I’m an SR 82. Already sent you a friend request.

  • Killswitch

Yeah im not all too bothered about k/d as long as youre playing to win, add me to play, gt: Sir Samyul

On regular and play dominion most occasionally other game types, but looking to win most matches we play with full parties

Im interested, I mostly play dominion and am looking for teammates aiming to win…add me if interested gt: Teh Zapper

Added you Zapper.

fisho11: i know what i am doing and i have a positive KD of 4,000 and i am willing to help those who want to get the armor. :wink:

and i will play all night on Dominion Friday night Saturday night as well

I’m interested in getting a 50 in dominion im currently a 1. My gt is RC Thrusts add if you’d like.

I love me some Dominion!
My community members not so much, but I love it!

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I need a solid team of dominion players on my friends list! I sent all of you guys friend requests!

(Maybe now I can finally get that damn Dominion Victory Mastery)

I’m up for it. Anyone wanting to run Dominion add me. GT is the same as my username.