Dominion players who want to reach top 30

Looking for people that want to run dominion with my crew

AmazinAs1an - #34
Plenty Money 69 - #36
xMuff Guffx - #80
Poleo - #161

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AmazinAs1an HTR
Plenty Money 69 HTR
xMuff Guffx HTR
Poleo HTR

Playing Schedule (usually)

Weekdays - After 5:00 pm EST Time
Weekends - Always Varies. Usually at night but will run if enough people are on during the day

Friend Request me if interested…all I really care about is if you have a mic and you’re an average player that is willing to take one for the team and not pad your KD. I always play for the win no matter what

*Ill have to apologize in advanced…when the party is full, ill will invite you as soon as a spot is open

Good luck with that when top 10 is fullparty players with a ton of points playing against randoms, so for you to reach top 10 is really slim.

We had a good run last night. We went 24 straight wins until we lost. Partly bc it was 5 on 6 and lost by 1 base cap 420-390

We always try to run with 5-6 people if possible. There was some very competitive games last night. The guys in the top 10 have played over 1400 games. I’m currently at 365 games and plenty money is 256 games played.

At this pace, im sure it won’t be hard to hit top 10

Where do you live?

Because If you’re asian, and for live in the USA.


Timezones will butthurt you.

Florida so EST Time…usually start playing around 6:30-7 pm

@ Minimum if we have to we’ll run 4 but def prefer 6

I’m tired of losing because I always play with randoms. I have a mic and am willing to help your team. My gt is Despotiic. I live on the East Coast as well as you and am on almost every day after 6:30 up to 10:00. On weekends I usually get on later, but stay up much later. I’m 18 with a mic. Send me a friend request if I haven’t sent you one yet.

Despotiic HTR

Just sent you one…

We took a break last night bc we didnt have a team of at least 4…We’ll def be making a run tonight.

I’d be happy with breaking the top 100 tonight.

Looking for a team… Rak 58 :smiley:
please contact me


whats your gamertag? I’ll be on tonight EST Time

Ill be playing around 5:00…Ill invite whoever is on


We’ll playing around 10 est

We had a good run yesterday. We went 43-1
Lost to some MLG players and It was unfortunate how there on a totally different level. Will play again today

We had an excellent weekend. I think I jumped 60 something spots and my record from Friday night at 5 till Sunday night was 102-8 W/L

Thanks to everybody who joined in to help the cause. I updated the rankings on the OP

*Harsh realization hit once I started looking into the top 10 that made me change my goal to the top 30

Basically it comes down to the amount of time I have to play this game.

To get in the top 30 we’re going to have to play at least 300-750 more games (keeping with the trend of winning at least 90% of our games) to reach our goal. The top 10 is just absurd with the amount of games and game time played. Just goes to show you how hard it is to get anything above grade 1 50

So I made a new goal to try to get into the top 30 and we’ll go from there. Once am I am in the top 30, ill be more than willing to help anybody get them to where they want to be rank wise.

Its going to be a painstakingly slow pace once I get my “50” to reach top 30 but it not reason to stop.

It boggles my mind that #1 has played 1641 with a 96% win rate to get where he is. I have a full time job and just cant devote that much time to make it to top 10.

Thanks for everybody that has been helping.

Lets keep up the win streaks…I still have room on my friends list if anybody else is still interested

> Thanks for everybody that has been helping.
> Lets keep up the win streaks…I still have room on my friends list if anybody else is still interested

Right Here! Hit me up im in orlando, team player all the way!

I’d be down to play whenever you guys have open spots.

GT: II Caboo5e II

Whoo i was added!

Had a nice little run last night. Went 15-2…

Finally got my 50…

We’ll def be playing tonight. Hope to see a full party so we can start owning b*tches

I’m down to play tonight/whenever. Gt Cubanmilkshake I got mic and down to run -Yoink-!

Did not really read much, but i like Dominion!