Dominion is gone. How can it be better?

Dominion was by far my favorite playlist in Halo 4. It was something new and simple, and easy to get suited into.

I’ve always been more of an objective guy. Don’t get me wrong, popping brains is nice and all- but there’s just something about working together as a unit to accomplish a bigger goal that gives me a much sweeter satisfaction than your average “shoot over here, shoot over there.” mumbo jumbo.

Unfortunately, for people like myself, the age of Dominion has fallen- and we all saw it coming. Pops been low for months.

But just because it’s gone doesn’t mean it cant come back in shining armor.

As a community, what suggestions can we make to improve upon the Dominion gametype?

If you have any ideas at all, please leave them below!

And if you knew of any big problems, leave them in the comments below as well. (Respectfully please)

One of my ideas is to morph another gametype into Dominion. Assault.

When you capture a base, you could be given the option to construct a bomb. It would take a few seconds to construct and once you have it you could attempt to carry it to sabotage the enemy base.

Now how severe the destruction would be it up for discussion, it could destroy all their fortifications and leave the base neutral yet again, or it could destroy the base entirely- and it would no longer be up for capture.

I personally think that this would be a great thing to add into a future Dominion playlist. Of course, this could be named something else, and classic dominion could still be an option- but I would really love a gametype like that.

If you agree- do you have any ideas on names for that gametype?

When I first saw Dominion I was reminded of Halo Wars, where you established bases and holding on to them rewarded you with more stuff.

I think Dominion would be more like Halo Wars if the weapon rewards were progressive, as in the longer you held a base (and perhaps the more bases you had) would gain a couple power weapons/Mongoose at first, then maybe Warthogs/Ghosts/Banshees, then M.A.N.T.I.S./Wraith/Scorpion.

Some may not like that because it could make the game longer, but that’s me. I like a long, epic battle.

P.S.: And 5 base 8v8.

I’d kill if they just brought back Dominion. It was my favorite Halo gametype of all time, so it was just depressing to see it so unloved.

I never understood why the population dropped so sharply, but it seemed to happen right after 343 nerfed the power weapon spam…