Dominion in Team Objective

Since Dominion and now Team Objective are both 6 per team, why not just throw Dominion into the Objective playlist? It cuts down the number of playlists and will ramp up the population in Team Objective.


No. Dominion while it needs adjustments works fine as its own playlist. Combining it with Team Objective won’t combine the Dominion Pop with Team Objectives Pop. But rather cuts Dominion’s Pop in Half due to not having access to Dominion all the time.

I understand what you’re saying but I disagree.

I don’t think there should be too many gametypes in one playlist. Kind of overload. Also, Dominion is a game mode that should just be by itself. It’s just that kind of mode.

I wish Team Regicide was mixed in with regular regicide. That mode is way better in my opinion than the single variant.