Dominion help

I’ve already said this but I’m new to the game and amd coming from Black Ops 2. I’ve been playing Slayer but I like Objective games better. I loved Domination in Black Ops so I thought I would try Dominion. I played last night but I really had no idea what I was doing.

Can someone give me a brief guide on how to get started?



Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Dominion is simply a capture and defend game type. All you need to know is these few things and you’re go to go.

-Capture base: bases are labeled A, B, and C you can initiate a capture by activating a terminal located in each base. When base is successfully captured your team starts earning points. The more bases your team holds the more points.

  • Defending bases: if you hold a base long enough it will be fortified allowing you to spawn turrets and vehicles. To better protect base.

-if you successfully capture all the bases, you’ll go in last stand mode where you have to eliminate the enemy team before they can recapture a base. If you successfully eliminate them you instantly win. Otherwise repeat above steps until victory.

I kepted it brief as possible, I hope it helps.

You could thank me later.

If you own two bases, just camp and defend those bases.

If you own only one base, attack an enemy base, then repeat step one.

Also be super cautious, because there are power weapons everywhere in dominion.

DON’T TRY TO CAPTURE ALL THE BASES. Last Stand really only works against bad teams.

After you re-spawn, about a few minutes into the game, go into any base your team holds and wait for it to resupply weapons. It should give you power weapons to defend the base, or to push on other bases. Trust me, you need to gravitate towards power weapon spawns to do well in Dominion.

Once a base has been captured, points are awarded each time the base resupplies so especially in a close game, if you can steal an enemy base before the resupply timer hits 0, they will not get any points for it.

Dominion is very fun, although i played it to death and maxed the commendation xD