Dominion: Forge/Clan Implementation?

Halo 4 brought to the table a very new gametype that we have all never seen before in the series, Dominion. It carries very new elements to it that I sat here wondering while forging a map, “Could this possibly be the base gametype for future Clan Wars?”

Thinking this, it possibly could be. A clan could have there base set up, fortified, a Terminal in the back while some clan members defend the grounds of there base, while the invading Clan has there essentials to infiltrate and take control of the base, by doing so, winning the battle. While the defending clan would just have to hold ground till the timer is done, and -BAM- The defending clan wins.

I’d like to here the communities opinion on this, and even mention other implementations that Dominion could have in maps. Since it is one of the more, interesting editions added to Halo.