Doing well as an AR user in team BR

As a quick bit of advice for those of us who would like to use automatic weapons in a precision weapon dominated mode, this might be a bit of help.

Basically, you need to play extremely aggressively, use thrust to your advantage, and get up close. You don’t want the BR player to be able to line up that 4 shot. If you can boost or jump boost near the enemy, all while spraying and hitting nearly every shot, you’ll be able to get the kill almost every time.

You do need to be careful about getting 2v1’d, which happens a lot in team BRs. In that case, it’s best to retreat or pull out your BR and try to fight back as best you can.

Hopefully, they put in AR/magnum slayer into the full release in its own playlist, but until then: good luck!

Good advice, I’ll try it next time I play the beta, thanks.

I found that ARs are great in a BR playlist because it catches people off guard and because of the current flinch glitch that makes it harder for them to aim, but that’s going to be taken out for good reason. I think it should just be AR starts and put ample ranged weapons on the map to encourage map movement instead of cross-map camping.

Please 343. AR start/BR start in W3.