D'oh my gaaaddd...

All the new footage looks BEAST.

Campaign: looks freaking amazing. Bigger, more detailed environments, more futuristic “sci-fi” looking (like the original Halo, only obviously more graphically impressive), incredible lighting, shadows, and details, the sounds are jaw-dropping… it just “feels” more like Halo than Reach did. I’d even venture to say it feels (from a non-playing perspective, anyway, just based on look and feel of visuals) more “Halo” than even Halo 3 did. That first Halo 4 mission kind of reminds me of a much prettier, much cooler looking version of Halo 2’s first mission. All the footage just reminds me of Halo: CE’s “woah, where am I? What’s gonna happen next?” kind of feel, which has been missing since Halo: CE, really.

Multiplayer: I love the idea of the new gametypes, and changes to other gametypes like CTF don’t really bother me either way to be honest. I love the ball throwing in Grifball/Oddball (makes complete sense; ball isn’t made of super-glue for crying out loud). But again, it LOOKS, visually speaking, incredible, and sounds beastly too. The gameplay is very, VERY reminicent of Halo 3, which is cool, and has just a touch of much-more-improved Reach, which is also nice (because despite how bad a game it is, it DID have some good ideas, if just implemented poorly). And the maps… they look incredible and seem to play very, very well so far. I can’t wait to see the rest, plus the 9 maps in the map-packs!

SpartanOps: Very excited. What’s not to love? It’s FireFight with a purpose & story. Such a good idea.

This will be the first Halo game I go to the midnight launch for. I took the week off work JUST to accomodate for it. I’m more excited for this game than I have been for Halo 3, ODST, and Reach combined. Tied with how stoke I was for Halo 2, I’d say… maybe even beats it slightly.

Just my .02 cents. Discuss.