Does Warzone really hate me?

Tfw you spawn in with a Binary Rifle and you get Spartan charged by someone who rushed into the base and kills you, then get it stolen by a teammate who purposely wastes the ammo. Thanks 343

If I’m spawning with a nice sniper or binary I choose my home base to spawn or an armoury that is uncontested so this doesn’t happen now.

Seems like the higher the req the quicker I die. I can run around in circles all day with an AR. Call in a beam rifle at a far away base, BOOM instant death.

And then it puts me into a team losing by more than half points when I put on a Mission Victory REQ boost .-.

For some reason I tend to get THE WORST team mates in Warzone. I thought the potatoes I got in Arena were bad, they’re NOTHING compared to the 2 people that were GOOSED IN A 15 MINUTE WARZONE IN THE SAME GAME! I get that it happens and that there is nothing they can do about it but it’s still annoying.

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> And then it puts me into a team losing by more than half points when I put on a Mission Victory REQ boost .-.

I swear to god when I use a purple victory boost that the game intentionally puts me on a losing team lol. I know that’s not the case, but it certainly feels like it lol.

Yes it does LOL i’m kidding. Spawning definitely needs to be fixed… I feel like its not able to detect enemies in the area and spawn you in a safe location. If anything spawn somewhere farther than where the enemy is at, gives you a better element of surprise :l such a hassle though.

I don’t even bother trying to spawn power weapons anymore, i know I’m just going to get killed immediately. I just sell them all now.

Unless you’re a credit card hero and have 99 Binary Rifles, there are EXTREMELY LIMITED positions you should ever spawn with one.

I’m not an expert markman by any means. So I only spawn with Beam/Binary on two maps: ARC and Noctus.

Noctus I only spawn with these two if the enemy has 1 garage and no other base. I spawn at my home base and I snipe from the sides. Got untouchable (25) spree today doing that on Noctus.

Less safe but reasonable is ARC. I spawn on the garage and go to the roof, or I spawn in a side base and sit at the top level.

I basically suck at aiming. I’m nothing like my teenage self. So I have to be very careful with my REQs. I am a commendation farmer, so for unfinished commendations like binary and beam, I’m ultra cautious.

And the number one rule for spawning with REQs, is that you should NEVER spawn with a REQ. This game has a completely non-intuitive spawning system, so you’re likely to spawn in the direct path of a speeding ghost with your new REQ. DON’T DO IT. Use the REQ posts, and use the safest one. Garage = upstairs only. Noctus, base only or monument if you’re good at this game.