Does Warzone Assault favor the defender?

Especially on the first base. I mean if the attackers break through first base I would say that they can usually win. Which is odd because really the bases should get progressively harder when in fact the hardest challenge comes first.

I mean really I think the defender should have much longer spawn times to compensate for the massive advantage in having the defensible structure and choke points. It should never e a thing that the defenders can slaughter the attackers in their spawn points.

Just getting really tired of the game putting me as the attaclers eveey single time.

The fact a Defender can hide and wait for his buddies to arrive is annoying. As if an single enemy can contest the entire base against 12 attackers.

Oh, and they can just run around and survive, slowly dwindling down the timer since likely by the time they kill that hiding defender, his buddies will be inside, contesting the base further.

Assault favors the team that’s better at slaying. Look at how far away the spawns are on Urban now. The team that slays more to get BRs first will be the winner on most maps. Unfortunately, when you’re not on a team of 12 people working together, the randoms will charge in alone, get slaughtered, and just let the other team build up a huge advantage in REQs. Conversely, sometimes people are too overzealous on defense and try to spawn kill only to go too far out and cause the attackers to spawn behind you where they can mop you up and get inside. Really, the problem comes down to people not understanding the REQ or spawn systems and giving away whatever advantage the team may have on a particular map.