Does this person's rank make sense?

I don’t understand how Edited by Moderator is only a hero.

Check out their stats:

Link removed by Moderator

Does anyone see anything suspicious? It looks legit to me, although 20 unfrigginbelievable medals does seem like a lot.

This person has played way more than me, and has completed way more daily and weekly challenges, but I have well over 1 million more credits.

Here are my stats for comparison:

What gives? Is it possible to have credits taken away?

Looks like he had his rank recent in the past.

He could of had his rank reset.

Ahh, I see. I didn’t realize they could reset your rank. Thanks for the info.

Mostly banned for boosting, happened the same with me when I was Brigadier… now Im a hero (of course, there was a time when I didnt have xbox live gold, so theres so much lost time)

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