Does This Happen To You?

Having died on the field, I get respawned only to find I’m pretty close to where the hordes of enemies are meterializing or dropping off from the skies above.
So, I usually get caught in the middle of an attack seriously outnumbered, trying to step back while firing and throwing my grenades and ending up dead…

Any suggestions how to stay alive in that case?


Book it. Don’t bother returning fire, just get your -Yoink- out of there ASAP.

Yep. The spawns on some maps seem…uneaven or just straight up strange.
That said; haul rear is the best option. Punch your T-Pack and RUN.

Happens in Arena too much…

There have been times where I’ve spawned in a particular area when the enemy team is converging in on said area, from multiple paths, essentially pinching me off-spawn. Or they’ll spawn in a split fashion, where I’m say, for example, at Snipe on Plaza fighting enemies at Cinema Stairs, I get weak and someone spawns across the street in Cafe/Ramp and just cleans me up off-spawn.

Very frustrating when the game just starts giving the enemy free kills…

As others said before me, run, as fast as your little spartan legs can carry you. Unless you’re already gonna die either way, take down as many tangos as possible.

Thank you guys.

Will run as advised…

Always be aware of your surroundings, and try to stay out of sight and find cover. Pay attention to make sure nobody saw you and is following you. If you are sighted, or end up spawning in a firefight, your best bet is to run/find cover. You can also pretend you don’t know you are sighted/being followed and round a corner, then ambush with a grenade/melee. Use your radar! I tend to respawn literally right where I just died a lot of the time too, spawns are weird in Halo 5.

Learn to predict your enemies locations by keeping an eye on your teammates locations. Example: If your teammates are grouped in an area and theres no fire being exchanged, enemies are likely on the other side of the map. Anticipating your enemy is key in this game, and knowing the levels is important.
I got a million tips, just ask!

Happened to me yesterday on colosseum I went to pick up rockets and an enemy spawned right behind me as I did.

Infection I’ve had my back to a wall and an infected spawns in behind me.

Tips on how to learn spawns seem defunct in halo 5 none of the rules on spawns apply.