Does this game need a wow

Do you feel like game is good but it’s missing something that makes you come back online and play more like halo 2 when I experienced team swat I spent hours playing and halo 3 forge was new to us and the fact you can have 2 guns in both hands and the maps and halo 4 well great but I feel as if they were scared of what’s going on now instead of trying to do there thing and putting there thoughts and ideas instead they put things we see in cod .

343 I love the game but put your ideas in this game never be afraid of doing something new who would of thought that this project that bungie had started would e a big hit don’t follow your competition be ahead and give a online experience that we had lost since reach

And those who hate halo 4 you guys got to understand this game ain’t call of duty you old players are rusty and got to get your game together in cod you die a lot and takes no skills just camping halo is total opposite I enjoy the game just needs some few of the community and 343 your ideas and your love for this game

Sorry for any miss spell or if makes no sense on the iPhone and hard to use keyboard