Does this game have ANY anti-cheat?

I haven’t ran into any hackers yet thankfully but there’s absolutely no indication that there’s anti-cheat which is insanely odd coming from MCC which uses Easy Anti-Cheat

The first 5 words of his post are, “I haven’t ran into any hackers.”

(I hate to be THAT person but I use she/her just FYI)

There is a very slim chance I will ever interact with you again, so I don’t know how useful that information is really, but thank you nonetheless.

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I don’t see the harm in OPs question? She’s asking on the Halo Infinite forum, if Halo Infinite has an anti cheat, because unlike MCC there’s no ‘in your face’ declaration that ones present.

Not once have they mentioned anyone cheating, is it likely that the question came from a dodgy encounter ingame? Sure. But OP hasn’t mentioned it so there’s no reason to rebuff the thread.

@CosmicDreams175 It’s likely that the game itself has mechanisms to prevent cheating, rather than solely relying on an existing anti-cheat. But, seeing as I can’t find any information to prove either way correct right now, hopefully someone with more knowledge of the games architecture will reply.

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There’s already videos on YT explicitly showing hacks are readily available. Stop being ignorant, they were simply asking if there was an anti cheat.


My b, was bright when I reading it

I would assume that at least some measures are taken and that there do at least exist some mechanism to prevent cheating. However, a system can obviously never be fully waterproof and the potential for cheating will always exist.