Does this forge reflect 2 months of tuning?

Just curious as to what everyone else thinks of halo 5’s forge

I would say that the new forge is every bit of three years of hard work and conviction on the part of everyone involved. I can understand the controversy over the control scheme, but having finally mastered it I can say that it has a lot to offer.

Two months of tuning? I doubt much of anything changed in those two months except maybe the addition of new objects to the palettes, but it doesn’t really matter. If they can deliver something this good then I don’t care what launch window they chose.

This is a flawed question. This wasn’t two months of tuning; this was 2+ years of dedicated planning that puts all previous Forges to shame.

Was difficult to see at first due to the dramatic change in controls which made things frustrating, but now that I have a handle on things I can see that this forge is far superior to the previous forge modes. While there are a few things that im confused on (like why is there not a combination of lengths and sizes for Walls, blocks and Triangles?), I can say that yes, this forge mode was worth the wait.