Does the server take you out too?

The last few days I have not been able to play even two hours because in the middle of a game it takes me to the game menu, and it says that the server has been disconnected. It happens to me 3 times and then comes the ban that today reached a 3 hour limit.
Does anyone else come by? Does anyone know what to do?
Post data: It happened to close colleagues.
Post post data: At MCC it happened to me twice.

Yeh i seem to come across this issue alot. Im assuming its to do with the servers on 343’s end. maybe they are disabling some of the servers for use on halo infinite. idk just a guess, i dont keep count of when it happens but it could possibly be every few hours but i have never received a ban for it tho and i try to play enough each day to try and get between 600k - 1 million xp each day so it must not happen to me as much as you. Im in the Uk if that helps any.

I encountered a rare disconnect in MCC recently. I have not played Halo 5 in a while, but weird stuff is happening with the servers for sure.