Does the Mangler really need a nerf?

Yikes. If you think the mangler having a 1 shot beatdown is balanced than I don’t know what to say. It’s the most OP gun in the game right now.

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Yes and a whole lot of other weapons can 1 shot 1 melee kill

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The mangler is fine how it is. But melee in general is too strong. If yu attack an opponent with full shield, it takes only 2 melee to get a kill. It should be nerfed to 3 melee. 1 melee should not strip down the full shield.

On the other hand, keep distance to your opponent. Cant tell you how many time i see one swinging his elbow but im too far away, i just keep holding RT and walking backwards. Sure kill then.

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I’m kinda on the fence about a nerf to the mangler. It probably wasn’t intended to be this powerful of a tool in competitive.

I’d say it needs to be apart of the red bar weapon racks rather than a nerf.


I love the mangler but as mentioned earlier: it spawns way too often and has too much ammo.

part of what makes it feel OP is that there can be 3/4 on the map at the same time.

it takes skill to land that last headshot especially at distance but that’s what drop weapon is for.

343 you want this game to succeed? Don’t listen to the pro players. The AR and Mangler are perfectly balanced


What do you mean? It already got a nerf gun!

Besides that, I don’t think it needs to be nerfed at all. I love it’s function as a close range melee weapon, and it really makes sense considering there’s two massive spikes at the bottom.

The weapon sandbox as a whole is pretty good imo, it takes skill and some now-how to use most weapons effectively. Except for some of the obvious cases like the Ravager, now THAT’S a weapon that needs to be buffed.


Agreed Mangler is good the way it is, don’t want it going down the same path like what happened to the Ravager.

3 hit melee i would be fine with. Halo is meant to be a shooter not a punching match.

Wish melee didn’t have a lunge. The lunge with melee should only be with the sword. A better melee balance trade off could be a knock back. This “knock back” would be better and would have the intention of keeping people apart rather than the lunge having people being so close most times.

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no…it doesn’t. i don’t know why people think a weapon being able to be played GOOD means it needs to be nerfed to the ground so that now it only plays like every other weapon. there is no point in having more than one weapon then. the shotgun can do the same thing the mangler can. so can the heatwave. so can plasma pistol. i mean it makes no sense to nerf mangler just because it’s good. manglers are not hard to take down, and you can always go get one for yourself and trade if you really are having that much trouble.


I feel like the melee Is kept how it Is because it’s like the expectation for everyone who’s kept playing halo. It’s expected to always be a 2 hit melee to kill someone, and the parry system kicks in to red bar someone if you put damage into them with a weapon before going for a trade basically. 2 people with the BR going for a weapon Beat down Combo as an example, it’s 2 shots and a melee, but if 1 person lands more than 2 shots, unsure if is 3 enough but 4 to the body for sure would secure you red baring them to where their melee knocks you back with health flashing and they die when they were expecting the trade.

It is funny going from halo to a different game and vice versa. I played apex and was like wow. Melee seems absolutely useless. Cause I’m so used to shields just popping with 1 melee. So I can see if someone who’s never played halo starts playing it would think it’s OP. Everyone who’s played it all these years for the most part just expects it though. Like idk if it suddenly changed we would see tons of inactive forum users jump on here screaming that wth why change it now? Or if they’d jump on here thanking.

Seeing how the community deals with change though…I’m…kiiiiiinnda leaning towards 1 way lol

Know what you. Im also a long time halo player. Sure, 2-hit melee was always deadly, but its not the right way.
In Gears 2 the 2-piece ( 1 melee, 1 shotgun shot) was very popular. The melee punch stunned the opponent and took away a little portion of life. Then without any delay, you pulled the trigger of the shotgun. Sure kill.
Gears 3, melee did next to nothing, not even stunning the opponent, but you got a delay and couldnt pull the trigger of the shotgun. Sure loss.

If the shield is dropped, then melee should be deadly. But i dont think that this is going to be changed in Halo.

I do not believe it needs a nerf. I think more players need to respect the weapon and identify when an enemy has it and respond appropriately in their engagement.


Yea I don’t see it changing. The melee doesn’t bother me. The player collision and inconsistencies that happen because of that do though.

Let it be tuned for their HCS games and leave it alone for the main game. Too many weapons need a buff. We dont need nerfs.

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The Mangler is great, and I don’t want to see it changed.

The drop weapon feature does need an update though. It shouldn’t be any faster to drop a weapon than it is to swap weapons is.

AR only needs the slightest bit of bloom added so it’s not too easy to hose people down at mid to longer ranges, but it should still 100% be viable though. I like that you aren’t completely out classed against the BR, that said it is frustrating you’re on a roll with the BR and get taken out from a mid range with the AR, that could just be my terrible aim though. Mangler though I think I agree with one of the other comments here where maybe the damage isn’t what needs nerfing as much as spawn times or something like that, if it got too nerfed I could see folks ignoring it in casual play

Another possible nerf that isn’t really a nerf but a rebalance is to change where it spawns on the map. Maybe it should be a more centrally located weapon and there only be one of them in any ranked setting. The big issue is that most maps have them spawn right near your starting position so someone always has them right away.

Another problem there is also that it’s not always symmetrical and one side will get a plasma pistol or disruptor instead which isn’t close to as powerful.

And as always they could reduce the magazine size by one on the spawn rack. It currently has 3 full mags every time it spawns.

There are a lot of things they can do besides changing how the weapon works.

IMO I would either make its respawn time longer (put in on the same timer as Bulldog/Wave but not the same racks) and maybe adjust how much spare ammo you get when picked up, i think you get 8/24 rounds? could be wrong lol but maybe 8/8-16 would be a bit better. I like the mangler in its current state but understand why some (pros mostly) are calling it too strong.

Pro players ruin games when they throw out their opinions. That’s just fact.

It doesn’t need a nerf, and if they nerf it they’ll ruin it and no one will ever use it again. Like every other time a game does something like that because of esports.


The problem is not just the 1 shot 1 melee, It’s also the fact that it’s not very difficult to 2 tap drop weapon and finish with BR. It’s too powerful in CQC and mid range.