Does the Mangler really need a nerf?

According to pro players, the Mangler is to op in competitive, I personally never felt that it was OP and see more people complaining that the AR needs to be needed.

To yhat no please, I do not want it to be like in Halo 3 agian,I love the AR and niw I can have fun with it.

But for the Mangler, sorry but I never saw an issue with it


1 shot melee is what they’re referring to. The suggestion is to make it a 2 shot beat down for balance.

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Pro players have awful opinions. Just look at the awful game modes they use. The mangler and AR are great as is.


It’s not OP. It’s good at what it does. Very good. It’s dominates in CQC, but at range it can get outshot by most weapons. The problem is that 343 is overvaluing the weapon. It shares a pistol spawn with the Plasma Pistol, Disruptor, and Sidekick and enjoys a 20(?) second respawn while being as powerful as a Heatwave/Bulldog.


Mangler fine, Ar hell no.


The mangler can be really good, but it’s inconsistent if you’re going for body shots.

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I think the mangler is fine, I hope they won’t nerf it, it still a gun that needs skill and it’s really rewarding. One of the best made gun in Infinite.

True, I hope they won’t cater to pro players too much, we are the great majority of the playerbase after all.


The Mangler is fine. Its not a starting weapon, its a pick up. I expect a pick up to be a higher tier weapon.


Wdym? It’s pretty consistent to use for the “hold this” combo. Very satisfying 2 tap drop to BR.

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I think all they want changed is the 1shot melee combo. Would that make it too weak? What I heard was maybe 2 shot melee would balance it better since it’s up often and carried throughout the entire match most times.

I really love picking it up. For both the 1tap melee and the drop combo.

I have no issue with it either…3 shots can kill but if you strait your fight someone with it and they have, say a BR then your shields are broke by the time you 3 them…that’s IF you 3 then, if not your just as dead.

If you only land head shots it’s consistent, but body shots even with no shield takes longer than it should.

That’s weird. That hasn’t been my experience at all. Haven’t heard anyone I’ve played with ever say that either. Everyone pretty much just uses it mainly for the drop combo or 1shot melee. 3 shots is there, but the drop combo ensures the kill with the faster switch.

Could it be some bad connection, high ping matches or something? I’ve never seen it really perform inconsistent when I watch people play either. There are those bad connection matches that happen though, but at that point it’s pretty much everything missing yet the accuracy stay could be high as hell after the match.

The only nerf it needs is a timer increase so it doesn’t spawn as fast. It’s basically a power weapon and should be treated as such. Manglers spawning every 30 seconds is way too fast on most maps.

They could also adjust it to where it was one of the weapons that don’t respawn until they’re out of ammo, like the way the bulldog and Heatwave work.

But as far as what it DOES, no it doesn’t need a nerf or a change to its damage, firing speed, melee damage bonus, or anything like that.


It’s not the only weapon that can one shot melee. In fact, I find it’s rather similar to the Bulldog. I wouldn’t want the one shot melee changed. I don’t mind the suggestions to lower the spawn rate though.

Yea I’m of course aware it’s not the only 1 shot melee weapon, but it’s the main talking point of the topic so I didn’t feel the need to mention the other weapon. It feels good to 1 tap beat down, but I’ve definitely gotten some pretty fast double kills doing back to back 1 shot beat downs literally just walking into a strong hold 2 people just capped. Changing how often it’s available could work. I’m just pointing out what was wanted in terms of balance though. Which is not my suggestion, nor have I made threads claiming its OP etc. It’s a top tier weapon for sure though. A weapon that any player should pick up even if it’s just to deny the other team from holding it.

Lucid is the player I was watching when he spoke about it, and that was his suggestion for it.

I think it is great as is, but it needs a nerf to the respawn timer. I don’t like the “red” weapon racks, so I don’t like that level of respawn nerf.

I think that the problem with the 1 shot + 1 melee = kill
is that its not just the Mangler in infinite that’s a one shot/melee kill.

Melee is really powerful and people seem to disagree and say its fine.

One melee knocks your shields to 0% and puts your health from 100% to 60% with non Banished weapons.
With the Banished weapons one melee knocks your shields to 0% and leaves you with 50% of health.

So nearly any weapon in infinite can 1 shot + 1 melee kill you and I think this is way too OP. A standard normal melee should just knock your shields off and leave you with 100% health to counter. Another melee should knock your health down to 50% then one final melee to kill you and thats with no shots fired.
At the moment with infinite and BTB being broken and only getting to play on small maps. Most people do is melee spam or even worse this is how people “Have” to play halo now. It’s a melee game. If your not doing this melee tactic your going to lose your battles. You cant exactly counter people most times by staying out of their lunge range when usally your back is up against a wall on these small maps.
The melee right now is worse than campers that we had to deal with for years with their playstyle. Even now there’s medals for meleeing! Lost a match to someone they had 18 kills 12 of those were all melee kills. This is the new cheese mechanic in infinite, get in close shoot then melee kill for a really quick TTK and repeat…

Mangler is fine.

  1. It has an arc, making the 3 shot headshot kill very difficult to pull off.
  2. In order to pull off the 1 shot 1 melee kill, you must be within melee range anyway. This is where the Mangler shines.

Outside of melee range, the Mangler is absolutely poor at fighting anything because of the arcing ranged shot as well as its poor ammo cap of 8 shots before reload and abyssmal H3 Magnum levels of fire rate.

All this combined makes Mangler a very situational weapon pickup, and your default weapons AR and SK are superior in everyway and function.

Hold up, does the mangler one shot melee even with full shields?