Does the Hydra use the Brute Shot sound effect?

Un-locked-on, I was using it earlier and detected pretty clear Brute Shot notes. Is that just how missile launchers sound?

tbf, its more like a multi-shot rpg

The Brute Shot, yes, but the Hydra is a missile launcher I’m pretty sure. Those aren’t grenades from what I can tell

If it really is the same sound clip, I think it’s well utilized. The art team and sound department definitely blew my expectations away. They did a good job with the entire game so far.

well is an irl rpg a grenade?

I dunno ,but it’s not unheard of for game developers to reuse assets like sometimes weapon sounds are the exact same file but drawn out or chopped up for example the classic doom camel sound. reusing assest saves time and money and for a company that is working for profit or has limited time It’s a very valid idea for making games so much so that it’s used in many games.

i mean…
you think nintendo hasn’t been using the same yoshi sounds for the last 20 years?

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Yes? I’m sorry, what are you asking?


basically the hydra is a mutli-shot small rocket launcher, using rocket propelled grenades to home in on targets

But the Hydra doesn’t use RPGs.

In other words, in a military context, a rocket is an unguided, rocket-powered weapon, with no steering ability. A missile is a self-propelled weapon, often rocket-powered (but not always), that has some kind of guidance system so that it can steer in flight, towards its target

It’s a missile launcher whereas the Brute Shot uses RPGs. But when using it without the tracking, it sounded like the Brute Shot. Though, I haven’t experimented with it much at all, I just recognized the sound.

I was under the impression they recorded all new gun sounds for Infinite. I remember dudes hiding behind a wall with a mic getting shot at trying to get overhead bullet sfx.

If it saves them money and time i see no problem with reusing sounds from 4-5 etc.

I don’t take any issue with it, unless it means the Brute Shot isn’t returning. Gimme