Does the Disruptor Really Need a Buff?

I saw that in the winter update they’re increasing the ammo per mag of the Disruptor from 10 to 12, and perhaps changing other aspects of the weapon.

I honestly think it’s great as is, and the only thing that needs to be done is they need to fix the glitch where the DOT doesn’t take effect and the shots fail to register completely at times.

The actual dps of the weapon is very solid, especially since it can cause chain damage to nearby enemies. It having a melee bonus is also a huge plus, as it can kill someone in close quarters extremely fast and efficiently (when the shots register).

I think if they tweak anything else, like the rate of fire or the damage per shot, etc, it will be a risky move that makes the weapon too strong.

I love where it is in the sandbox currently and pick it up often in ranked…although in social where AR starts is the core game mode, it’s much less effective.


I’ve started to find myself picking up the Disruptor too in ranked and trying to pop a couple of shots on opponents at about a mid range to disrupt their shields and cause some real chaos.

I like the bump in ammo per mag to 12 instead of 10.


The ammo +2 isnt that big of a deal, what would matter more is if it does quicker/more damage with that single clip…

Ah so there’s an issue with glitched damage-over-time effect? I had always been wondering about whether I was doing something wrong when I got hits but the DOT didn’t seem to activate. I was wondering if it had something to do with where the shots landed or whether I was using automatic fire or manually pressing the trigger repeatedly. I even wondered if it had to do with whether the opponent was shielded or not, since canonically, it doesn’t make sense for the disruptor shots to stick to the armor of a shielded Spartan (it’s fine to break canonicity in minor ways for gameplay though).

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Yeah it just randomly, unpredictably, doesn’t do the DOT buildup even though the shots are all registering. It doesn’t even do the supercombine effect that causes a quick explosion of damage either, which makes the weapon almost useless because the individual shots aren’t very strong and require that stacked supercombine to actually do anything significant

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I always felt like I could use one or two more shots with it. But I have pretty bad aim, so…

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12 is a good amount of shots I think. The DoT needs to proc ALL the time though, because without that it’s… Not useless utterly but sure isn’t good.

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Weapon balancing in general is pretty pointless until they fix the hit registration issues.


The phone blanker is a very good weapon; just imagine the heartbreak after the enemy gets home and realizes all it took was a few shots to completely erase all their data and contacts.

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I think it is a good temporary buff until they can fix the DoT not activating/registering properly. When the DoT doesn’t work the gun needs pretty much the entire magazine to kill a full-health enemy, so the extra 2 shots will help make it a little more forgiving in a straight up gunfight.

BUT, when the DoT is fixed (the gun kills in the 6 shots if the DoT activates correctly) then they can probably lower it back down to 10 in a mag.

That explains why it sometimes felt great to use and sometimes felt bad. I hope that gets fixed one day.

Thanks for letting us know about the ammo buff! I wonder if any other weapons are being adjusted.

They’re doing something with the pulse carbine but haven’t elaborated so far


Y’all need a laugh reaction real bad because I just about spat out my coffee pal.

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