Does the Bandana skull disable achievements for completing games on legendary?

I want to use the bandana skull for unlimited ammo for all the campaigns on legendary… anyone know if this skull will disable those achievements related to completing them on legendary? Thanks

It shouldn’t. That is to say it didn’t for me. Bandana should only disable the par scores and times.

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it disables some achivements and doesnt disable others

Mission/campaign completion achievements unlock regardless of chosen skulls. It’s score/time-based achievements that are disabled.

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Dam really? I didn’t know that, guess I’ll try to get the legendary achievements then.

For everyone that ask if the bandana skull stop the legendary completion I hate to say it it does one you activate the bandana skull it will prompted you (you have turned on a skull with zero multiplier mission completion, scoring, time, some challenges and par achievements will not be recorded) so in other word you will not be able to get the legendary achievement

Did you confirm this by playing through legendary with bandana?

It does not award you the level completion achievement on legendary with bandanna skull active. 1-1-2023
Just tested it