Does the anti-cheat not apply?

This game has serious hacker problems.

Starting with the Onyx rank, I often met hacker users.

Does 343 want to solve this problem?

It seems not.


An anti-cheat is supposedly in the works.

Releasing a multiplayer game without anticheat is like selling a car without brakes.


I’d love to be able to find their views on anticheat a year or two ago in a video.

They basically took about 10mins to say what @xRDAx_xSEK3N said above and laughed at the thought of releasing without it… and here we are!

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Problem with an anti cheat is that they’re never 100% guaranteed to stop cheaters. I personally haven’t dealt with too many, but I mostly stick to just Fiesta or regular Slayer, not sure what the encounter chance is for those two playlists.

But even with the best anti cheat software put in place, cheaters can and will find ways around it. Demanding for a constantly changing system that can keep picking up their new 3rd party software. While there are probably game devs out there that prepared a rapidly evolving detection system for the release of their game, 343 is not that company and the idea of their own anti cheat is a very new concept that will need much tweaking.

Cheaters suck for sure, but there’s not much we personally can do about it.

Problem with no anti cheat is that they’re 100% guaranteed to not stop cheaters

(343: "360 no scope - you’re guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don’t take)


I at no point ever said we should not have an anti cheat, but just because one is in place doesn’t mean the cheaters are going to vanish. I WANT an anti cheat so others stop having problems, but I don’t want anyone to ever think that an anti cheat = no cheaters ever again.

Because I already know that when one becomes active, the first time someone runs into a cheater that got a better cheat, groups will come flocking back with “bUt I tHoUgHt 343 GoT rId Of ThE cHeAtErS?!”

Point was

  • We need one
  • 343 said we would have one for launch and… surprise!
  • Any is better than none
  • Investing half a billion with no anti-cheat at all is ridiculous
  • Cheating isn’t huge at the moment but definitely growing, things that have been available for console alone on Amazon for many years have not yet been countered

I never said you meant that but I quoted exactly what you said and flipped it to make a point that wasn’t intended to be against you in any way.

Yes, we do need one, and hopefully the one they’re working on gets done soon.

There’s a lot of things we were meant to have at launch, plans change, they always do.

I don’t feel like all of their money was spent already. That’s more of a goal/limit set up by investors I think.

It always does get worse if left unchecked. It’s like a virus, leave it alone and it continues to evolve without a barricade to slow it down.