Does the AI get worse in Halo 1 during splitscreen

So I’ve played /a lot/ of CE in my life and its something I’ve always noticed but was never really able to confirm or deny. I’ve been playing splitscreen with my partner and we’ve noticed Elites not jumping out of grenades, Grunts having slower reaction times and other small oddities with the AI. I had just played through the game solo a few days prior to this splitscreen run so I feel the differences were extra pronounced.

Is this all in my head or is this something anyone else has noticed? Technically speaking it would totally make sense for that to be the case, but I was hoping to get some confirmation

this is possible, we must not forget that this is the first halo game.

I never noticed that, it could just be the AI being stupid. This should go without saying, but AI will not dodge grenades as much on lower difficulty. But I’ve never heard of anything like this so I cannot confirm nor deny.