Does slayer exist anymore

Why all the ctf? Is there a huge demand or something? I’ll tell you, no there isn’t, just play slayer or at least give us an option for sanghellios sake

I went on a 5 skull row yesterday. 1 CTF, 2 slayers, and 1 fortress.
to many skulls, the best to get “specific weapon kills”, but not my favorite

Do you have challenges that require you to play slayer? If so, that is why you havent seen it! The system is designed to manipulate you to use challenge swaps.


They need to just add a slayer playlist the majority of the community doesn’t play objective modes. I love objective modes but when you’re in a team that just wants kills and the opposing team is dominating the objectives its very disheartening.

Add Slayer for those who just want kills. Leave quickplay for those who enjoy variety and objective modes.

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Idk just play BTB then I guess. I play slayer in BTB all the time when I need to do ctf. Maybe the challenges are rigged to queue you into a match you don’t have challenges for.

Yeah I’m okay with Ranked staying with Slayer and Objective, but for the love of god we need a Social Slayer so my win rate can stop suffering.

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