Does RNG Vehicle drops belong in BTB?

Imagine having a close 90-90 game of both teams playing their match. All a sudden “Hey lets drop a tank on the enemy team and completely one-side the intensity!”

I don’t know why 343i thought bringing back random drops for the game would be a good idea, especially for vehicles since they tuned them to be super strong with very lack of counters. I prefer the usual, start the game and heavy vehicles will spawn 3 minutes after.

Better yet, create a second gamemode of BTB Heavies! And then drop whatever the hell you want there, as its even for both sides now.


Agreed that vehicle spawns should be set. I understand them changing what weapons spawn from the lockers, since the only thing that really changes is “what weapon is placed where” not “if it spawns at all” but the vehicles being randomized messes with the balance way too much. Keep the vehicles deployed equally!


Just played CTF (1-0) and the leading team got a Scorpion drop in the last couple minutes… Super frustrating.


I’ve had that sort of thing happen multiple times.

One BTB match the enemy wound up with a Wraith, the Scorpion, 2 Warthogs and a pair of ghosts. I think we got a troop carrier vehicle and for some reason, all our weapons drops and spawns were used up (not sure if someone was greedy or this was a bugged game). Very weird. Needless to say, we didn’t win. :slight_smile:

RNG vehicles drops absolutely do not belong, and them not necessarily being even between teams is even worse. I could see it being more of a thing for the likes of Fiesta, but it just doesn’t play well in normal gamemodes. Having vehicles spawn in VIA pelican drops is pretty neat though.

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Let me say it in Spanish too.



Absolutely not, because it’s ridiculous when one side gets a Tank to spawn and you get a Gungoose, vehicle drops should be equal

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There should be versions of each mode we’ve got, but with pre set vehicle spawns and pre set drop pod spawns. I also would like versions of each mode in the rotation for BR spawn BTB.

BTB Slayer Recruit - Current BTB Slayer

BTB Slayer Hardcore - Pre set vehicle, weapon, equipment, and req pods

BTB Slayer Pro - Same as hardcore, but with BR spawns and no secondary

All of these could exist in a BTB playlist, along with similar ideas for CTF, strongholds, and stockpile

Of course not, its one of the many reasons I can’t take people seriously when they talk up the “great core” when you have garbage like this in BTB. Vehicle spawns should be fixed and the Pelican drops in place of just spawns are a waste of everyone’s time.

They absolutely do not. I also think on the game mode where you have to get cores or control the 3 zones, it’s not balanced. They spawn closer to the enemy side at times, when it should be evenly in the center of the map.

When the enemy team has a player that specializes in positioning vehicles to get the best out of them, its almost impossible to die in them. Had a guy that just used the scorpion in mortal fire position on Deadlock and no many how many EMP, we were never close enough to do anything.


One team getting a Scorpion while the other gets a Gungoose is a great feature and 343 should continue to do this.

Jokes aside, the premise of pelican drops is super cool, and if they actually worked the way they were supposed to I think people might actually like them. Didn’t 343 say they fixed this a long time ago?

Honestly, I’d just save it for BTB Fiesta. While Hardcore is just the standard experience.

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What’s happening with the vehicle drops again? Is it that they’re not equally scaled for both teams?

Never have been, although I SWEAR 343 said they fixed this with the BTB patch back in Feb.

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I think that was about them just adding more heavy vehicles more frequently. Nothing about them evening it out. Just higher chances of scorpion drops.

Yeah I remember that part. But now that you mention it, I think the patch was to fix asymmetrical weapon pad spawns. You know that, crap where one team got BRs and the other got Commando’s.

So I guess they never fixed it, which is WILD.

They do not. Randomized stuff belongs to Fiesta.

This is why we need a 8v8 BTB Classic playlist with forge remakes.

12v12 is a bit chaotic personally, but RNG based weapon and vehicle drops are awful.

Also Stockpile really ought to be tweaked or removed since it’s just not fun.

I finally became on the opposite side of a BTB match. Was like 30 kills behind with two players leaving, we got dropped a tank and just plowed through the scoreboard.

RNG vehicles ruin the momentum.