Does Resistor come with the Bullseye Map Pack

Or do you have to purchase the full Champions Bundle to get it?

I would have no idea. We have been told that 2 of the new perks will be added for everyone VIA TU and that one is coming with the bundle. But we don’t have very detailed info.

We don’t know which perk you have to buy. We don’t know if all 3 perks come with the bundle and 2 of them will still be available to everyone else just at a later date. All of this info is coming from a podcast. I would assume you have to get the bundle. But that’s just my opinion. Nothing has been really confirmed officially yet.

Having to pay additional money for game changing advantage giving perks is a bad idea…just saying

If Resistor is an actual mod (which 343 hasn’t confirmed yet), it will come via the TU on Aug 20. It is NOT something you would have to pay for.

I’m pretty sure that you purchase the Bundle to be able to play it a couple of weeks earlier than anyone else, who will get it for free later on.