Does reporting idle/afk players actually do anything?

Every now and then I do take the time to report idle players, especially in ranked and/or I get the same idle player for more than one game. But I wonder does it do anything? Are bans ever issued for them or anything? I kinda feel like they actually don’t care about idle players especially since it’s not even a choice in the report system. We have cheating, offensive and “other”. I truly don’t understand how we can be this far along in online gaming and there can’t be better idle detection and then at least boot the idle players from games. You have a better chance of winning short handed vs having a easy target for the other team.

Edit: even after taking the time to post this and waiting a bit I searched and got the same AFK player on my team AGAIN, by luck my team won and I don’t like how they get credit for a win… But what can you do.

Now a third game with the same AFK player UGH!

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I would say: no, they don’t do anything about it.

That’s why i stopped reporting players for cheating/griefing/AFK’ing, etc. There is just no point and you are only waisting 20-30 minutes of time to make a report. I just block them on the xbox app so i won’t face them anymore and move on.

Although for a player who AFK’s in 1 match i can imagine that 343 won’t do much, because it could be they had a IRL emergency. (that is different however from the AFK’er you described)


the Xbox reporting system is a joke at this point, I’ve reported people for a lot worse than AFKing and these players are still free to continue their behavior without consequence.

Yeah I should stop wasting my time. Luckily it doesn’t seem to happen as often as before. The sad part is my team managed to win that third game as well. But the player did play the last couple of minutes of the game.