Does reach suck?

Most people seem to agree that reach is crap… Why? I quite liked it.

Reach was personally one of my favorites of the series, but I will say I disliked bloom and hated sprint.

Reach is amazing, I think some people just don’t like it because of sprint.

I thought it was great. Better than Halo 4 in my opinion. Its not over saturated, it seems like it could actually be a possibility unlike Halo 4. Maps make sense, and the Spartans and their armor are actually somewhat realistic, unlike Halo 4 with pretty much everything looking like twisted pieces of metal on a Spartan.

No, Reach was great. Firefight, tons of maps new and classic, jet pack etc.

I thought it was the 2nd best in the series next to CE. I loved the fact they put the old health system back in. Not the biggest fan of regen health at all. Sad Halo 4 didn’t follow that.

I have so many memories from Halo: Reach. I personally loved infection and thought it was way better than Halo 4, would lovve to see it remastered on xone along with Wars and ODST

I liked it.

en lo personal, me pareció muy bueno, un cambio bastante considerable del odst al reach, ademas de saber bien la historia de lo que paso antes de los sucesos de halo CE