Does not feel like classic Halo

People need to stop lying. This does not play like classic Halo at all.

It’s still way too fast and twitchy. Due to many smaller maps it honestly feels more twitchy than Halo 5. Movement speed may be slightly slower… but if the maps are smaller you’re running into people every two seconds.

Also adding to the fact that it doesn’t feel like classic Halo is the lack of aim assist on the precision weapons making them feel useless at any range other than long distance.

The AR on the other hand doesn’t require as much accuracy and so it ends up feeling OP… so many of the matches just turn into a COD style run and gun romp where everyone runs around with the AR and whoever sees the other person first is going to die because TTK is relatively quick and you don’t need much skill to be good with the AR.

This game feels sloppy and unbalanced compared to Halo 5 where everything felt so finely tuned and balanced. It was very tight and competitive gameplay. Every weapon felt like it was useful and had a purpose if you took the time to learn them you would often try and find a better weapon to trade your AR for. In Infinite, it feels like you always want to have an AR with you… and you don’t ever feel like picking anything else up.

Playing Halo with an AR all the time is not classic Halo at all. Anyone that has been a fan of classic MP Halo knows the AR is supposed to suck.

Slopppy is the best way to describe Infinite.


Then go play MCC. It’s right there.


It’s not classic Halo, that’s for sure.

But I still enjoy my time with Infinite, I’ve said it before but it truly does feel like a blend of old & new, a little bit of Halo 3 & 5 mixed together.


thats not the point dude. They said “were going back to its roots” this is not its roots. This is halo 5

i actually dont pick anything up other than a power weapon or a BR, i drop my pistol and keep my AR always because its just too powerful not to have. This is not halo, this is Cod

It doesn’t though.

This plays nothing like Halo 3. It’s not a blend or any of this other crap people keep saying. It’s more twitchy and less Halo than Halo 5 due to all the reasons I mentioned in my OP.

If you want a game to play like classic Halo you’ve gotta slow it down to classic Halo speed otherwise it just feels nothing like it.

None of this “blend” crap people keep going on about.

This plays nothing like Halo 3.

And that’s a good thing.

But actually I feel it’s somewhere between 2 and 5.

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Is it classoc halo?
Can it be played like classic halo?

As a no sprint, no AA H3 Boomer, this is the best, most fluid, most enjoyable halo since H3


All right, fine! We’ll get off your lawn.

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This is nooooothing like Halo 5.

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I totally dig the faster movement speed. What I don’t dig is that every weapon feels so lethal that being seen first is more often than not the deciding factor in a gun duel.

This is alleviated in Ranked, where the overall weapon power is reduced by the AR and Sidekick being map pickups, but dang. Like dang. AR duels are basically random, or first shot first kill, and the Sidekick might as well have huge strapping lights on it saying “Halo is an M&K game now, get over it” and the frags sweet jeez the frags. I thought Reach’s were too powerful, but hold up because here come frags that can clear an entire room on their own.

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