Does ne1 else get Dcd from games or is it just me?

Keep getting disconnected and I don’t know if it’s the game or something on my end. Only happening on halo wars does anyone else get this?

I do it sucks went from an occasional dc to out of sync and getting dced all the time after the colony patch.

I haven’t had any issues pre or post patch. I’ve seen several people having the same problem though, so it may be something larger than just you.

Right now I’m experiencing an issue where it keeps constantly connecting and disconnecting to the game servers at the title menu. I can’t even get to the playlists.

Happens to me all the time. I’m done playing until it gets fixed, I thought they delayed the DLC because of a game-breaking glitch and now we can’t even get into a game? Really guys? Fix your crap update

Yep I get the “out of sync” message all the time lost a bunch of ranked levels to this

I went from champion 14 to champion 50 on the last patch and I was winning all of my placement matches until it happened on this season so it made me want to quit the game. I went from wired to wireless though as a last resort and am yet to lag out touch wood so I’m hoping the issue has fixed itself. Bit stupid that I’ve had to unplug the wire to sort it and it’s only happened on halo wars 2 so I’m adamant it’s the game and not my internet but who knows. Beat the champion 1 on ranked last night so should be making top ten by the end of the day. :slight_smile: