Does my sentimental 'Sol' emblem exist?

Years ago, shortly after putting my just-picked-up-a-few-minutes-after-midnight Halo 2 disc in and setting up my Spartan, I decided to use the ‘Sol’ emblem, because it resembled a saw blade, not unlike those blades I would use every day framing homes. Later, when my little girl saw it, she said it looked like her favorite flower- the sunflower… so, the emblem fit just fine and I’ve used it ever since… through Halo 2 & 3, and in Reach.
I think I’m around a 54 or 55 in Halo 4, and I’ve unlocked a bunch of stuff, from armor and perks, skins and emblems and their backgrounds, but, I’ve yet to find my sentimental emblem, ‘Sol’. Has anyone unlocked it? If so, at what rank did you discover it?
It’s no big deal… it’s just a game, and my girls don’t give it much attention- but, it would be nice to have it again, just for my own personal nostalgia.


yo i use it to i used it in halo 3,odst,and reach i loved that emblem but i dont think its here in halo4 ):