Does Microsoft really care


This video sums it up pretty good, but why does Halo Infinite feel like overall it’s being made by a few devs on their spare time…

6 months to make just 2 maps, Desync people got shifted elsewhere. To prioritize to Co Op campaign… Like co Op isn’t something Revolutionary it’s just Co Op.

And why does it feel like overall Microsoft isn’t throwing the kitchen sink at this game to get it to the dimepeice it could have been.

It generally feels like the game is being abandoned slowly, with more people leaving 343 “for other opportunities” it’s almost like they see the writing on the wall and just want to distance themselves from this project.

Honestly I have said it before this game feels like Anthem all over again.

People say oh well they are investing in it they are bringing forge which to that I say yeah that’s a bare minimum default thing not something innovative.

Overall this game just feels like some indie crew smashed it together really quick in between other projects. It just doesn’t feel like the effort, or funding, or overall support was there. It just doesn’t feel like someone’s heart was in it. It just feels empty and depressing