Does MCC freeze then turn off your Xbox at least once a night?

This happens consistently, after about an hour of playing MCC I’ll get in a game then it will freeze and my Xbox will turn off, basically giving me an undeserved ban. Does this happen to anyone else?


I pretty much have the same issue that you’re describing although my Xbox doesn’t turn off. MCC freezes, crashes and then kicks me back to the home screen. One time I was able to escape a ban (much to my surprise) but other times I get the undeserving ban yes.

This does happen to me occasionally, mainly when im playing Halo 3 MP, so i had to turn off the skins

It’s only happened to me during Reach Slayer and I have all new skins/customization disabled.

Yeah my OG Xbone’s shut down when MCC crashes sometimes.

For game issues like build s crashing, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.



Used to crash my PC about once every play session. Hasn’t happened in a few weeks. Fingers crossed it’s fixed.

It only happened when I had skins enabled.

On PC my game does crash from time-to-time, usually on loading screens when transitioning to or from gameplay. On Xbox One I have a worse problem, though. Opening the settings menu cause the game to freeze and forces me to quit out to dashboard.

I have submitted a ticket, but there doesn’t seem to be a fix at the moment.

On series S here. When I leave MCC on resume for a few day’s and come back after a few matches it’ll crash.

Skins? As in weapon skins or what? So if I have the standard basic spartan it won’t do it any more?

Skins in general. They all fall into one option to turn them off or on.

I had it happen a few times. My Xbox just turned off right in the middle of the match.

Mine did it a lot when I had my FOV turned up past 100.

I had it happen twice awhile back during H3 BTB games. I turned off the skins and it hasn’t happened again.

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Yep, this. I also had it happen when playing T&R with exactly 100 FOV. The mission just crashed at a certain point everytime. I changed FOV and that solved it.

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Yes since season 8 launched.

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I play on an OG Xbox one and haven’t had any issues in a long time. Match making has slowed down quite a bit, especially in FFA, but I expected that with the Infinite launch. Hopefully more return eventually. I am almost over Infinite already, it just plays a bit to hectic and competitive for me. Having played Infinite I sti say H2A is the best Halo ever made to date.

I just started experiencing this issue. So far it’s happened twice, both times during Halo 3 matches. I’ll load into a match, game’ll freeze, then the console shuts off, resulting in an undeserved ban.

What console are you using? And do you have new customization enabled?