Does Jason Jones, Work For 343 ?

Does he ?

If so 343 should Hire that genius.

Are you referring to the Jason Jones from the Daily Show?

No, he’s a Bungie guy.

Are you talking about one of the co-founders of Bungie??
If so I am sure he isn’t looking for work.

> Does he ?
> If so 343 should Hire that genius.

No. Jones is still at Bungie, and I doubt he will ever leave. Jones last involvement with Halo was during the development of Halo 3, and since, well, he’s been working on a secret project.

He is a -Yoinking!- genius lol, Bungie would not lose him for sure he was very involved with Halo, and from the vidocs he looked to be one of the top dogs.

I dont know why, but I feel Bungie’s next new game will be revolutionary and you know most of us will be checking it out lol. All we know so far is its going to be an “action game” which doesnt really specify much.

I thought they were going to be doing the first console MMOFPS or MMORPG but I dont think they are now.

Jones wanted to end Halo to Halo 2. He didn’t want to be involved in anything Halo related after that. If my memory serves, he was somewhat involved in making Halo 3, but since 2007 he has been working on Bungie’s next game.