Does it seem that there is a playlist biased

I think the worst thing about this game is the favoritism of playlists in halo 5. I’ll have 20 friends playing halo but out of those 20, 5 only play WZ and nothing else, 5 only play arena and nothing else, 5 people only play custom games or infection, and the last 5 are all around halo players like me that are up for anything. Back in halo 3, reach, and 4 what I played was related to how many friends I had online. If I had 2 we played doubles, if I had 3 multiteam, 4 was slayer, 5 was CTF, 6 was invasion, 7 and 8 was BTB. And everyone was down for it as long as we had a full team or close to it. I hate knowing even if I have 12 friends online only 3 play WZ or if have 8 friends only 2 play BTB. I like being ranked high in Arena as much as the next guy but I can’t be hardcore all the time. Does anyone else have this problem?

I know what you mean.

I don’t play Halo 5, but in MCC, the whole group that I play with(including myself) are only interested in playing Halo CE. There are some that only want to do doubles and there are some that only want to do BTB. The rest of us are stuck running customs if we don’t have a full team for one of the playlists. We really can’t play any of the playlists without a full team to swing the vote because of how Halo 3 wins every freaking time in MCC’s matchmaking if you don’t stack the vote in your favor. It would be nice if some of those guys would be more willing to join the party so that we can fill it and play matchmaking more often.

I can’t speak much for MCC because it’s a whole different animal, not only is it different games along with game modes and all that

It’s just so easy to weed out the real halo fans in halo 5, just check the service record and all they play is WZ :joy: