Does it Count as Profit

So currently I have accumulated around 300 dollars in X ox credit, through various ways.

1: I got a few Xbox gift cards as gifts.
2: GameStop Pro rewards gives me 5 bucks a month and
it used to let me buy Gift card codes.
3: GamePasa rewards redeemed points for Xbox money.

Overall the Halo In game store has not gotten any of my actual money as I’m down to only having around 255 in Xbox credits.

I wonder does that still count as profit or is it just 343/ Microsoft getting their own money back.

Overall given that the BP is around 10 bucks I will essentially be getting all the future BP for Halo Infinite for free kinda. So long as I don’t spend those Xbox credits on the color red or a cheap Jpeg emblem

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You are spending the money equivalent to MCC on cosmetics.
Just let that sink in. Now imagine how many more older, but functionally better games than Infinite that you can buy with that money.


While the shop needs adjustment, berating him for buying something in a game he enjoys, and then telling him to get a better game, isn’t very inviting if we want Halo to stay alive.

Also I didn’t spend my actual Money, and their respond didn’t even stay on topic with the discussion.

I’m genuinely wondering if I use Xbox credit aka not money from my personal account but money given to me from Microsoft. Does 343 still count it as making profit.

I’m not actually spending money, I’m spending the credits given to me By Microsoft. No actual money from my personal bank account has gone into Halo Infinite.

You are aware I stayed that right … Xbox gift cards and Xbox points… Redeeming Gamepass points for money from Microsoft … So in actuality I won’t actually be spending my real money in this game.

I basically am getting all the Battle passes for free.

Also I have Gamepass, soooo I don’t have to actually buy many games.

Fun fact; you can’t actually use your GameStop Pro monthly rewards to buy credits.

They stopped it this month, I found out today, the GameStop Employee was cool and let me use it but basically had to override something.

But they are just as confused at why they changed it.

It’s a weird change but before December of 2021 you were allowed to do it.

I mean, they aren’t directly making a profit off of you. And I think this is an excellent way to spend money on the game. But part of why Microsoft wants people on gamepass is to get that sweet passive income that streaming sites get. The more people they get hooked on gamepass, the better (for them). So they are profiting in that regard. I think it’s kind of a win win though if you enjoy gamepass.

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For me Gamepass has paid for itself more times over as I have my ax ox live on it and my kid gets to use my gamepass and Xbox live for free.

And she has a 8 TB external drive and so many games downloaded …I also occasionally download random gamepass game to cash in those reward point. I just try to get acheivements as that’s an easy way to get points to redeem for more money.

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just making a reading suggestion ma’am

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