Does how you live...shape how you play?

Hey Guys,
So I have been reading these forums for a while and figured this would be a good community to get some help from.
For my statistical mathematics subject at University I am required to collect and analyse data from a topic of interest. I figured, Halo Reach was the most interesting option to analyse and have decided to look into “How the lifestyle of gamers affect their gaming abilities and tendencies”.
In order to collect this data, I have created a very short survey which will get half of the necessary data. The rest will be collected from Halo Waypoint. The types of questions are about age group (non-specific), gender, relationship/employment/study status and your preferred game type. All the questions are designed to collect broad information so none of it can be used to identify you. That being said, the end of the survey asks for your gamertag so that we can collect stats from Halo Waypoint (This will be kept confidential).
It will take less than a minute, here is the survey link:

I hope to look at some interesting questions like…
Does your relationship status correlate to the number of kills you steal from others?
Do older players focus more on team work?

Thanks for the help, If you have any questions or can think of an interesting statistic that we might be able to analyse let me know below.
-Matt =)

Valid point. So I should take this opportunity to specify: I am not expecting exhaustive or even accurate results. I needed a source of data to do analysis on and this seemed like a fun topic which allowed for some entertaining results. The correlations that result will not be accurate, but are a required part of the project and should be amusing. =)
The questions are intentionally limited for the sake of analysis.
If you did it regardless though, thanks alot. Also, feel free to suggest improvements. =)

I don’t really understand how any of this relates but I completed it anyway and good luck with your project :slight_smile: