Does high ground mean anything?

Correct if I’m wrong, but I thought if you have units on the high ground they can’t be shot at by the enemy. I don’t know how to link my video of it, but on Rift I was playing against a legendary difficulty Colony. I had units placed on the ridge near my base closest to the power node. Hunter Capt. and army comes through and destroys my units while they are on the low ground. He had a Shroud pass through but I didn’t think that made a difference for the CPU to shoot through the ridge and kill my units.
I immediately exited out of the game because it made me mad and it’s not the first time its happened…oh well, life goes on I guess.

Normally, high ground hides your units from enemy’s view. However, if anything gives them vision of your units (like the Shroud you mentioned), they can be attacked, even from units on low ground.

Crap!! Now I feel dumb for not knowing that. Ok, thanks for the info!

Your line of sight also increases when standing on the edge of a cliff. Dropping a bunker with remote sensors on top of a hill will reveal a significant portion of the map.

High ground prevents your units from being seen, not shot at.

It also expands your field of view, try it out in Bedrock against the AI and walk behind the enemy base, then look at the minimap, you’ll see the vision circle change in shape and size.

At higher levels people tend to use Watch Towers or Sensor Towers to be able to see the higher ground surrounding the bases. Try them out, always build them away from the ridge, so that the enemy cannot destroy them and your turrets can fight back.

High ground doesn’t mean much on this game Kenobi, unless you have siege and a watcher.

Im not 100% sure but I think the ridge between B and C in blitz is bugged so they can see you when they shouldn’t.