Does halo need to get back to being a sandbox?

So it may just be me but I always felt halo ce was my favorite halo game because it felt more like an open world almost and the great part is that on maps such as bloodgultch is that people have great memories is because it always starts with everyone being dropped in with different base weapons and vehicles so it was up to you and your teammates to utilize these in any way ( even if you were like me and my team then you drove a warthog infront of a grenade thrown by my friend so the car did a flip and land on our enemy we knew would go for the turret on our car ) but point is that was fun to use our minds to do fun awesome ( why has no one killed us yet) stupid ideas to win. I feel like in halo 6 if its not too much that we should get half the maps with a bit more room for btb maps and a lot more toys to try, along with more open single player level design . please give your thoughts in the comments below , I still love this community to death and want to hear your thoughts.