Does Halo 2 PC still have LIVE?

Hey i am getting Halo 2 for my PC soon and wanted to know can i still play online and get achievements etc?

Also do i need to buy a brand new copy of Halo 2 PC to access it? Or can it be used?

Thanks :smiley:

Yes, and I’m sure it always will have live.

Ok, thanks :3

Yup I was just playing it yesterday. There aren’t many players on there but, enough to find a few games.

Yeah, and as long as the internet is real, Halo 2 for pc will have multiplayer, they just shut down the halo 2 xbox servers because they cost money, but if you play on your computer that uploads the data by itself, it doesn’t cost them any money, so it doesn’t matter.

i would advise borrowing a copy first to make sure it works on your computer… don’t waste money like i did buying a game that dont play on most vista computers.

the reason online pc users for this game is low is because most people cant get the pile of garbage to play

Remember that you need Xbox Live gold to be able to get the online achievements.