Does Fortress on Stormbreak need a rear entrance?

I’ve played 15 games on March on Stormbreak and I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel like once a team captures the Fortress, it’s incredibly hard for the other team to take it. Even if the other team takes both armories, the players inside the fortress will always be able to hold their ground even with the 5 entrances. The problem is that all the entrances are basically on one side, and coming in from the bottom usually just gets you picked off before you can even make it to the top floor, only heavy vehicles have a chance to survive down there. In all the other Warzone maps the center base is usually switching sides for the entire round, while Fortress is usually kept by the first team to take it.
So I’m thinking maybe a path from the area that Warden spawns to the place where the Legendary inside Fortress is located would be able to break up the player congestion around the two entrances and the loading bay entrance. It could also stop players from camping in the corners spamming grenades since the players coming from the rear would have some line of sight on them.

There’s already 5 entrances, we don’t need another.