Does Armor Lock still exist in Rumble Pit?

I need a go to playlist for myself to play in when my buddies are in games. I can’t play Team Slayer and others and enjoy it because the kids you get matched with don’t go for the win. So I’m wondering does the worst addition ever to Halo, also known as the invincibility button, still exist in this playlist?

I’ve boycotted it since Reach started. That’s right, 0 games played of Rumble Pit. I won’t ever touch it until this horrid Armor Ability is removed.

I think it is removed for Objective Gametypes, Slayer I am not so sure on.

EDIT: Boy I bet you can’t wait for the Classic Playlists :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I had one game in rumble pit before I rage quit after I got “outplayed” by armor locking AR rushers.

How all the core playlists are ruined by armor abilities disgusts me. On my old account I had at least 1000+ games on Team Slayer and Rumble Pit in Halo 2. I even had a 37 in Rumble Pit as well (considering that it was actually hard to rank up.)

In Reach I only have a few hundred in Team Slayer, and I can count the amount of games I had in Rumble Pit with just one hand.

Haha, well I’m not touching it then if it still exists in Slayer. Why play a game when you can four shot someone with the DMR to have your enemy go into Armor Lock? It’s a joke.

> Boy I bet you can’t wait for the Classic Playlists :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just ready to play a game that doesn’t feature 100% bull -Yoink-.

EDIT: Answered above.

It is unfortunately… It is the only reason why I don’t play Rumble Pit. Heck, I tend to avoid most playlists with Armour Lock still in them.