Does anyone want to play customs?

I’ve tried getting people to join custom games but no one ever seems to want to. I don’t understand what is wrong with playing some fun maps and gametypes without being competative. Of course I still have competative maps and gametypes but I can never try them so I don’t even know if they’re good. And I would love to see other peoples maps but the file share is broken. Would anyone want to play? If so send me a friend request. I will try to get people for a custom again Tomarrow.

Yeah, I’ll play in a minute. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What’s wrong? It’s called “343.”

About 100 people who play customs + H4GB and halo4gamefaqs are two GTs full of people who play customs.

I’m up for customs quite a bit (GT same as username).
Think I’ll play Skyrim or play the H4 campaign today though.

Add me for ffa’s/customs I’ve been dying to play on lockout